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Sony ODC-5500R 5.5TB Optical…



Sony ODC-5500R 5.5TB Optical Disc Archive Cartridge

  • Offers an Alternative to LTO
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ideal for Deep and Near-Online Archive
  • Reliable and Robust Storage
  • Offline Media Management
  • Fast Access to Data Files



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Reliable and robust large-capacity media for Optical Disc Archive, Generation 3. Capacity 5.5TB
Double sided disc with triple layer/side achieving a large 5.5TB big capacity while maintaining the same size cartridge of 1st and 2nd generation ODA.
Higher Transfer rate
Maximum transfer rate (1.5Gbps/write, 3Gbps/read) is achieved by double sided disc and 8-channel optical drive.
Reliable archival media
Archival Disc contains a special recording layer with an excellent level of corrosion and oxidation resistance. It has a long archival life span and is highly suitable for your archival use.

ODC-5500R Specs

Disc: Archival Disc
Total capacity: 5500 GB (5.5TB)
Recording layer: Double sided Disc with Triple layer/side
Recording method: Land & Groove recording
Recording type: Write Once
Read cycle: 1,000,000 cycles
Dimension: 132 mm x 130 mm x 26.7 mm
Operating conditions: 5 ~ 55 deg.
Storage conditions: 10 〜 30 deg. / 30 〜 70%RH
Archival life: 100 year (estimated)

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 1.5 in


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