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Outfit your Sony FX3 with all the tools you need for a successful shoot in the field with the Shoulder Mount with Matte Box and Follow Focus from SHAPE. When assembled, the rig not only provides a padded shoulder mount to stabilize your camera, a matte box to shield your lens from light, and a follow focus for more efficient focusing, but also comfortable pads and handles to maximize the ability of the filmmaker to remain handheld for extended periods of time.


SHAPE Half Cage with Wooden Handle for Sony FX3

The SHAPE Half Cage with Wooden Handle protects your Sony FX3 camera while extending its mounting capabilities with a cold shoe, seven 3/8″-16 threads, and multiple 1/4″-20 threads, enabling versatile customization of your run-and-gun setup for field applications with additional monitors or microphones. An ARRI rosette on the left side of the cage allows you to attach the included adjustable wooden handle to the rig for a more ergonomic handgrip. To ensure unencumbered operation, the cage’s design maintains access to the camera’s controls and ports.

Attaching the factory handle of your camera is easy, thanks to the top plate’s threaded ARRI hole patterns. An included HDMI protector can be secured to the camera to prevent damage to your cable or connector port. Fitting the cage to a quick release plate or DELTA adapter increases compatibility to tripods or shoulder mounts for further stabilization in the field.


SHAPE Quick Handle + Rod Block

The Shape Quick Handle + Rod Block is a professional video stabilization accessory with 2 camera handles, each providing an individual rotation angle of 360°. You can attach the handle to the camera platform using a simple screw knob. A simple push button located at the articulation allows easy attachment and removal.

Combined with the anodized aluminum Rod Block, the Quick Handle offers composite camera support for all 15mm rods. You can achieve precise positioning by sliding the Quick Handle along the rods and tightening the small red knob located on the Rod Block. With 2 screw-threaded holes, the Rod Block provides for attachment of components such as the Quick Handle.

Quick Handle

  • Provides professional video stabilization with 2 handles
  • Each handle offers 360° individual rotation
  • Offers easy attachment/removal

Rod Block

  • Composed of anodized aluminum
  • Offers composite camera support for all 15mm rods
  • Provides precise positioning of the Quick Handle along the rods via the tightening of the small red knob
  • With 2 screw-threaded holes, the Rod Block provides for attachment of components


SHAPE Mini Composite Shoulder Pad

The SHAPE Mini Composite Shoulder Pad is a comfort-padded and comfort-shaped shoulder pad for the back of your camera rig. Outfitted with a 15mm-mount SHAPE Rod Block, the pad attaches right onto a pair of 15mm rods, slides into the best position on them, and tightens in place by a quality lever. It also has a black Screw Knob under which you can add a SHAPE Counter Weight or a SHAPE Back Pad, both optional and both back-supported accessories that work as extensions of the shoulder pad. The Screw Knob’s screw is a 1/4″-20 screw. If you remove the Screw Knob, you’ll have yourself a 1/4″-20 screw-hole to add various 1/4″-20-mount accessories into.


SHAPE Back Pad

The Back Pad from SHAPE is a standard rig component included with most SHAPE camera rigs. Its design features a powder coated anodized aluminum plate and arm which are attached to a thick padding on the side facing the user. The pad is easy to both attach and remove from your rig, and it supports the SHAPE BOX attachment. Additionally, the pad’s position can be adjusted to the user’s preference – up to 2″ vertically and 360° horizontally.

Compatible Support Series

  • Composite
  • Cameleon
  • Sumo
  • Spider


SHAPE 15mm Rods (18″, Pair)

These Shape’s 15mm Rods are a pair of 18″ long rods that fit studio and LWS 15mm rod clamps, allowing you to use available rod mounted accessories. This pair of rods are approximately 18″ long and machined from hollow aluminum tubes. The rods feature chamfered ends that make it easier to insert into available 15mm rod clamps.

  • Pair of aluminum support rods for 15mm rod clamps.
  • 18″ long rods with chamfered ends that guide the rod into an available rod clamp, even if the rod isn’t perfectly aligned or is at a slight angle to the rod clamp.


SHAPE Swing-Away Matte Box

Expand the flexibility of your camera rig and lighting setup while avoiding lens flares and keeping lights out of frame with the compact Swing-Away Matte Box from SHAPE. Adaptable installation options allow the matte box to have a straight, swing-away, or clip-on configuration, and a removable silicone shade box increases customization for the optimal setup of your rig. Its aluminum and carbon fiber construction is lightweight, and the included rod block is height adjustable by tightening the knobs, making it compatible with lenses up to 124mm in diameter.

A removable carbon fiber top flag prevents flares in bright sunlight, and additional adapter rings further customize the size of the matte box’s opening, ranging from 67 to 87mm. A fabric knicker secures the area where the matte box and your camera lens connect to prevent light from peeking through.

Three Different Configurations

  • Rod block can be installed directly to the main frame for straight configuration
  • Ring-locking knob clips secure box for clip-on configuration
  • Magnets hold the mechanism in place while enabling swing-away for easy lens switching; can be secured with spring pin


  • Two 4 x 5.6″ filter trays, one rotary
  • Easy-access handles allow for one-handed filter changes
  • 4 x 4″ filter compatibility
  • Includes two stops at the bottom to prevent filters from falling through

Adapter Rings

  • 87 to 67mm
  • 87 to 72mm
  • 87 to 77mm
  • 87 to 82mm
  • 124 to 87mm


SHAPE Follow Focus Kit with Single 15mm Rod Clamp

Use the compact SHAPE Follow Focus Kit with Single 15mm Rod Clamp with your camera setup to make focus pulling easy. The modular design allows you to add and remove any of the components without screws or tools, and its small profile allows the addition of a matte box or accessories around your lens.

At the core of the kit is a rubber, anti-slip follow focus wheel attached to a single aluminum 15mm rod clamp. The clamp rotates to adjust to most lens sizes, and it’s tightened by a locking lever. The clamp’s rotation also allows the focus wheel to easily swing out of the way when changing lenses.

Five drive gears are included to fit a variety of lens sizes: 0.5 MOD/78T, 0.6 MOD/64T, 0.8 MOD/38T, 0.8 MOD/43T, and 0.8 MOD/78T. The gears can be flipped from front to back to facilitate different lens configurations. A 49mm rubber friction wheel is also included for the 0.5 MOD/78T gear which is most commonly used with DSLR lenses.

For alternate fine-focus configurations, use the included speed crank or 11″ whip, both of which attach to the center point of the knob. Four magnetic marking disks are included to attach to the focus wheel.

  • Modular design allows for addition and removal of components without tools or screws. Its compact size allows it to fit easily with lens accessories like a matte box.
  • The rubber follow focus wheel is attached to an adjustable, aluminum 15mm rod clamp which can swing away when changing lenses.
  • The focus wheel fits most lens sizes. Five drive gears are included: 0.5 MOD/78T, 0.6 MOD/64T, 0.8 MOD/38T, 0.8 MOD/43T, and 0.8 MOD/78T.
  • A rubber friction wheel is included for the 0.5 MOD/78T gear which is most commonly used with DSLR lenses.
  • An 11″ whip and a speed crank are included. Each connects to the focus wheel for fine adjustments.
  • Four magnetic marking disks are included to attach to the focus wheel.

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