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Ross Video Opengear OGX Frame with Cooling





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Frame for openGear Cards. Modular Rear (I/O Modules not included). Can mix and match any signal types with appropriate Rear Modules. 20 openGear card slots, 1 controller slot, and 1 reference slot.  Includes basic network controller, reference card, cooling system and one PS-OGX 600 watt power supply; redundant supply available.

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Feature Summary
• 2RU frame houses up to 20 openGear® cards.
• Robust 600 watt redundant power supply with integral cooling.
• Front LCD display for name, IP address and fault identification.
• FrameGlow customized identification and alarming.
• Supports any mix of analog, digital, video, audio, SDI and IP modules in the same frame.
• Removable front door for easy fan servicing.
• Easily removable air filter for periodic maintenance.
• Standard DashBoard control system for setup, control and monitoring.
• Optional SNMP control and monitoring.
• Optional DataSafe card backup and restore.



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