Canon GR-V1 Camera Grip for EOS C200 : MY WAY VIDEO


Canon GR-V1 Camera Grip…



  • Rosette Mounting
  • Integrated Run/Stop Trigger and Joystick


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Canon GR-V1 Overview

Canon’s GR-V1 Camera Grip for EOS C200 mounts to the camera via a rosette, which allows you to rotate and position the grip so it is comfortable to hold. It features a built-in assignable function button, run/stop trigger, and joystick.

Canon GR-V1 Specs

Packaging Info

Package Weight0.765 lbBox Dimensions (LxWxH)6.05 x 4 x 3.05″

Weight0.765 lbs
Dimensions6.05 × 4 × 3.05 in

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