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Avicon VK5 ONVIF IP…

Original price was: U$ 599.00.Current price is: U$ 588.00.


  • Plug & Play control of cameras compatible with Visca by IP
  • 4 axis Pan, Tilt and Zoom control with LCD display and real time menu
  • Compatible with ONVIF, VISCA protocol
  • Support to add the parameter of the front-end equipment in the IE browser

Original price was: U$ 599.00.Current price is: U$ 588.00.

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Avicon VK5 Overview

ONVIF IP joystick controller VK5 with a strong operation, which solved the webpage inconvenient operation effectively. High-end equipment, unique surface hardening, can prevent scratching effectively; Adopt an industrial-grade blue screen LCD module, with a clear character. It supports VISCA and ONVIF protocols, and the VISCA is fully compatible and extensible. The built-in web server makes the configuration interface simple and clear, easy to operate. It only needs to take a few steps to achieve perfect control for the video conference camera

1) Support Network control model, It has a unique IP address.
2) Support ONVIF, VISCA protocol, and the VISCA is fully compatible
3) Realize the software function control of the conference camera, realize central control.
4) Adopt 4D joystick for control, with nice controlling feel, the joystick can control the camera up/down, left/right. Zoom…etc.
5) Adopt ship type switch for zooming function, very convenient &powerful for operation.
6) Support all the keys back-light function, can be turned on or off independently
7) Support adding the front-end equipment’s parameter in IE Browser.

Avicon VK5 Specs

Power supply:                                 DC12V-2A
Interface:                                         RS422、RS232, IP/RJ45、USB2.0
Button:                                             Silicone button
Display method:                            LCD
Beep Button sound prompt:       on/off
Power consumption:                    0.6W max
Protocol:                                         VISCA 、ONVIF2.4
Working Temperature:               0℃~55℃ / 14°F~131°F
Working humidity:                      20%~80% (frostless)
Storage Temperature:                -10℃~60℃ / 14°F~140°F
Storage Humidity:                      0~90% (frostless)
Size:                                               320mm*177mm*115.5mm

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Weight6.65 lbs
Dimensions6.3 × 14.6 × 9.9 in

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