Sony Burano Details Revealed : MY WAY VIDEO

Sony Burano Details Revealed

This is Burano, Italy. It’s a 45-minute vaporetto ride from Piazza San Marco in Venice to the north end of the Lagoon

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Its buildings, painted in bright colors, can act as a as an on-location color chart. The three-story houses, built side by side, are painted in different colors long ago to mark property boundaries.

Another explanation is that local fishermen and sailors used bright colors in their houses, to better see them at night or in the fog of the Lagoon.

The new Sony Burano, with its 8.6K Full Frame sensor, can capture all the nuances and colors painted on the houses on the island of Burano.

Sony BURANO Camera Body Views: E-mount

BURANO PL Mount over E-mount

Burano PL Mount

Sony Burano Handheld

Sony Cinema Line: FX3, FX6, FX9, Venice, Venice2, Burano

Studio Mode PL Mount

Handheld mode E-mount

BURANO Imager Modes, Aspect Ratios, Formats, Resolution, etc.

Comparison to VENICE 2 V2.00 Imager Modes

Sony Cinema Line

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