Sony Burano in Depth Review by Ray Kay : MY WAY VIDEO

Sony Burano in Depth Review by Ray Kay

Ray Kay is a South Korean photographer and filmmaker and he was asked by Sony to shoot some footage with the new BURANO.

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In this video, Ray Kay narrates his experience with the Sony Burano while filming the video called BLUE and goes into depth about the features and capabilities of this camera

Project Blue 4K quality on Youtube : ‘BLUE’ Shot on Sony Burano (Burano footage) 4K Quality – YouTube

The first Sony Burano Full-Frame 8.6K units are expected to arrive in February 2024.

Sony Burano Full-Frame 8.6K in Use

The Sony Burano represents a new concept in cinema cameras. It is 33% lighter than the VENICE 2, more power efficient and compatible with CFexpress media, 16 stops of latitude and image stabilization for PL and E-Mount lenses.

The Burano 8K has the superior image quality and versatility of the VENICE, in a version optimized for small team or individual productions, and is also an excellent second camera option for those who already have the VENICE.

MY WAY offers a super promotion for the BURANO purchasers.

Sachtler ACE XL GS Tripod for just U$ 600.00

This price is valid purchasing a Sony BURANO. The regular price for this tripod is US$ 1,199.00

Additionally, there are interest-free leasing plans exclusive to this camera.

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