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Canon Cinema Lenses

For nearly a decade, Canon Cinema Lenses have been put to work by the best cinematographers in the world. Find out here the complete lineup

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Theatrical motion pictures, television episodics, OTT series and documentaries have all been influenced by the signature color reproduction and high-contrast look of Canon optics. Filmmakers and videographers of every level have found a line of Cinema EOS Lenses to suit their creative aspirations. From intense studio drama to remote rainforests, those lenses have transformed the creative imaginations of filmmakers into spectacular imagery.

Having maintained a close, collaborative dialogue with the cinematographic community, Canon accepted a universal challenge to create a new and bold set of contemporary optics for the global cinematic creative world.

Canon Cinema Lenses,  the power to build masterpieces

Choosing the right set of lenses for a project is a crucial element of the pre-production process. This choice is one of the biggest factors for cinematographers to fully realize their creative vision. Lenses give cinema its different perspectives and visual textures, and every Canon Cinema Lens in its class is precisely engineered to deliver on what it promises. Canon is committed to providing a diverse range of products that can match the needs of any project.

Sumire Prime

Canon is introducing a new line of cinema prime lenses named Sumire Prime (pronounced “Soo-mee-ray”) – associated with the beauty of a flower whose petals are open. This is the inspiration behind a unique optical design that introduces a nuanced look as the lens aperture approaches its maximum setting – subtly modifying the textural renderings of the human facial close-up.


Canon’s original cinema lens lineup, designed for EF Mount Cinema Cameras and DSLR Cameras. Warm, sharp, high contrast and constructed in professional housing – this is the Canon look that you’ve always known and loved.


Designed for EF Mount and PL Mount Cinema Cameras, Zoom
Lenses offer a wide range of features and benefits, including full
4K production performance. Color matched to work seamlessly
alongside the EOS Prime lineup.

Compact Zoom

Compact Zoom Lenses provide high mobility and outstanding 4K optics. These lightweight lenses are extremely well-suited for cinematic documentaries or any production where being nimble is important. Their consistent form factors and markings are optimized for motion picture.


Designed for EF and PL Mount Cameras, CINE-SERVO Lenses offer outstanding versatility and 4K optical performance ideal for cinema, broadcast and other applications where servo zoom is needed.


The COMPACT-SERVO series is a 4K Super 35mm cinema-quality class of lenses featuring integrated servo control in a compact, lightweight design for shoots that need to move at a fast pace. They offer exceptional versatility and professional video Sumire Prime functionality at an affordable price.

Introducing an all-new class of lenses for an all-new look

Digital technologies, combined with the ever-increasing march to higher resolutions, higher dynamic ranges and wider color gamuts, are challenging producers, directors and directors of photography to harness these imaging enhancements to reproduce a spectrum of imagery that reflects broad ranging production goals. The multiple subtleties of optical imaging are critical to a creative collaboration with contemporary digital reproduction. Canon’s new Sumire Prime lens series was specifically designed to empower that imaging partnership. They pay attention to the subtle nuances of their subjects in a manner that lets the eyes do the subjective interpretation.

New lenses that breathe new life to your images

Sumire Primes feature bright T-stops, reduced focus breathing and uniform
color balance across the focal range of the seven lenses – all contributing to artistically pleasing images. The 11-bladed iris provides circular and natural bokeh while diffusing the light rays from intense highlights. In combination with the unique new Sumire look at wider aperture settings, they offer the cinematographer a broader range of visual expression.
Available in industry-standard PL Mount and compatible with all full-frame
cameras, Sumire Prime Lenses are superbly versatile.

Gentle, beautiful skin tones and smoother-looking focus fall-off

Powerful state of the art computer simulation empowered Canon to explore multiple aspects of imaging subtleties within optical reproduction. Central to this quest was the careful crafting of the textural rendering of facial close-ups. Numerous creative inputs were absorbed from the world’s cinematographers – that combined to describe a look that might have universal appeal. That look would apply to all faces – of all ethnicities, ages and gender. The Sumire Prime gently rolls in that special look as the lens aperture approaches its wider settings. Texture, color and contrast are subtly woven into that Sumire look.

Shot with CN-E85mm T1.3 FP X and EOS C700 FF PL
Shot with CN-E85mm T1.3 FP X
and EOS C700 FF PL

Uncompromising, industry-proven excellence in quality

Canon Cinema Lenses are top-of-the-line products engineered to give cinematographers the tools to create the imagery that shapes our world. Meant to be used right in the field day after day, while providing consistent performance year after year. These are the key filmmaking tools and features you can rely on.

Outstanding 4K Optical Performance

Canon 4K optics are born from decades of research and design, creating brilliant, vivid, rich images. And it all begins with the lens. Canon lenses are designed to optimize resolving power, contrast ratio, modulation transfer function and lateral chromatic aberration.

The excellent contrast range with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging helps ensure deep black reproduction and superb handling of scene specular highlights. HDR not only enhances a scene’s color contrast and richness, but also minimizes lens chromatic aberration.

Precise Focus Throughout Entire Zoom Range

Cinema Lenses are parfocal in both manual and autofocus modes. This employs a special compensating lens group that moves to maintain precise focus while a separate lens group performs the zooming action. Maintaining focus while changing focal length allows the lens to be used in video production where zooming while recording is required.

Minimal Focus Breathing

All Cinema Lenses help minimize variations in the angle of view while focusing, known as focus breathing. This is extremely important while focus pulling, where focus breathing could become apparent to the viewer.

Continuous Iris Control

Cinema Lenses feature an iris that can be adjusted between wide-open and closed without any clicks. Continuous adjustment allows for precise exposure control and also smooth adjustment live in shot while recording. The odd number of iris blades within Canon Cinema Lenses provides a softer image by suppressing reflection of opposing beams of light, enabling smoother bokeh
when compared to an iris with an even number of blades.

11 blades
12 blades

Color Consistency

Canon’s renown color science has become highly refined over generations of lens designs, paying the closest attention to pleasing skin tone reproduction with consistent, warm color.

Image Stabilization

COMPACT-SERVO Lenses offer Canon’s excellent IS system, useful for run-and-gun shooting and long handheld takes. The amount of IS function can be dialed in as well as be switched off entirely when not in use.

Easy Manual Operation

Cinema Lenses enable fluid, manual use that fits seamlessly into production workflows. Lens changes can be quick, focus marks are readily seen and all rings allow for smooth operation.

Auto Focus and Auto Iris Capabilities

Ultrasonic Motor drives provide fast, quiet autofocus. Select Canon EF Mount Cinema Cameras with Dual Pixel AF are supported. Canon’s Electromagnetic Diaphragm technology incorporates a motor directly to the lens iris for precise auto exposure response.

Servo Zoom Drive

CINE-SERVO and COMPACT-SERVO Lenses have a built-in servo drive that controls zoom and can be powered through the lens mount or a separate port. The drive features compatibility with Canon zoom and focus broadcast style controllers.

Supports a Wide Range of Accessories

Cinema Lenses offer compatibility with a wide range of professional lens accessories, allowing you to customize productions even further to meet every last detail of what you need. Compatible with everything from rods to matte boxes and more, they can fulfill the needs of demanding high-end
productions to meet and exceed industry standards.

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